Roger Mooking
Man Fire Food on The Cooking Channel

Steve and Rob were great to work with and provided the quality recording we needed.

Andrew Cole
Musician, Songwriter

River 16 is the musicians friend. A wonderful recording facility for pro's and the first time studio goer, not to mention they have one of the greatest sounding U48's out there

Mayor Rob Burton
Town of Oakville

I just want to thank rob for (building this studio) because I have lived in Oakville for 15 years and I have always felt… this is what we need to (develop) our creativity (in the community)… there’s a lot of talent in Oakville and this means our talented kids don’t necessarily need to leave town... this is wonderful. Long life and prosper. This is fabulous and thank you so much.

Dr. James Kovacs

Thank you for all your great help with getting (Kathleen) developed along! Steve you were so great getting her comfortable with her singing and all the different styles..
We'll be back soon!

Al Cross
Drummer for Big Sugar, Jordan John & the Blues Angels, Great Big Sea

I set up, and I hit the bass drum, and it just sounded great off the bat. It really, truly inspired me to play, honestly, (it is) a great sounding room. They don't all sound good. This one just has a natural good sound.

Glen Morris
Morris Amps

(Rob) has a really top notch studio here…..It’s a great room. I really believe it gave us a good natural sound and captured the sound of the amp.

Jack Serre
Humm Music Canada

I have never heard a better sounding room in all my years of recording. It adds another instrument with it's awesome acoustical properties. This along with the talented team, RIVER16 has what you need to create your 'BEST Musical Production' to present to the world. Our TV show 'Studio INASONG' (recorded and filmed LIVE off the floor at R16) was complimented by a veteran TV Producer (whom aired it at Channel 14 Hamilton and region, Ontario) stating, "This is by far, THE BEST audio we have ever aired, in any production". There is a reason this was said. One of the reasons we won (RIVER16 has a STAR Award also) 'Best In Entertainment' for Large systems for the province of Ontario, was our knock out audio. Cheers Rob, Steve, and Danny.

The Canadian Tenors

We’ve spent 4 days in pre-production at River 16. The room sounds great and allowed us to hear each other clearly with ease

Carolyn Booth

At age 64 I found myself writing songs as keepsakes for my children and friends.
Imagine how excited I was to find a full page ad in my local newspaper highlighting
River16 Recording Studio. The owner/producer Robert Lackie coached me weekly
with my vocals and helped me produce an EP of five original songs.
The atmosphere at River16 is very upbeat and personable. The sound engineer,
Steve Kirstein, is very talented and works in a timely manner to produce results
second to none.