Jane Carmichael & Kevin Kennedy of the Marrieds were in shooting a music video for a single from their latest release ‘Fire In The Flame’ with videographer Gary Kuiper from Laundry Design Works. 

Gary has recorded in the studio on several projects as lead guitarist in well-known, high-energy rockabilly outfit The Vanishers. This time around he’s wearing a different hat as the director behind the lens.

Based in London, Ontario, the Marrieds currently have 3 albums to their name. The duo formed in 2010 when they posted 3 “snow day” songs on YouTube during London’s Snowmageddon, which caught the attention of CBC who featured them as “The Sound of the Day”.

Kevin Kennedy once had his guitar stolen at a gig, took to social media (Twitter) and was shocked when Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro sent him his signature model Epiphone acoustic guitar to replace what had been stolen from him.

Check out The Marrieds on their official website (www.themarrieds.ca) and like their Facebook page!

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Kevin Kennedy (left), Jane Carmichael (middle) & Gary Kuiper (right)