The local youngsters in rock band Soundtoken have recently recorded an EP at River 16. In 2013, they won the Glenburnie talent show award, the prize of which was in the form of studio time. They spent the last year working on writing and fine-tuning a handful of songs.

The band’s story originates with Dylan Joshi and Mark Gerlai getting together in 2010, with Steven Sas joining in late 2011. The band was known as Picks and Sticks. They won several talent shows and did some recording.

Kyle joins the picture in 2013, when was looking for a band at the age of 10 years old. He posted ads on bus stops, street lights, schools and various public places hoping to find the perfect comrades to accompany him in his musical journey.

Kyle lucked out eventually, but not until his father Bruce, who regrettably displayed his cell phone number on the ads, had dealt with a plethora of teenage girls prank-calling him. The already-established unit consisting of members Dylan, Steven and Mark connected with Kyle and the rest is history.

Soundtoken will be releasing their upcoming album in the coming months. Check out their Facebook page for more info and details on their activity!


Soundcloth Recording

Soundcloth Recording