River 16′s acoustically designed live room with vaulted 14 foot ceilings and a floating insulated bamboo floor provides resonance and overall sound quality that will enhance your performance.

The clarity, acoustics and vibe will be inspirational to your sound.

Equipment Available For Rehearsal Use

Alesis Mixer
Yorkville Mains
Peavey Floor Monitors (separate mix)
800-Watt power amp
’64 Ludwig Super Classic Drum Kit
Mesa Boogie Tube Guitar Amp
Ampeg Tube Bass amp
Korg Triton LE Keyboard workstation
Shure SM 58′s and 57′s on boom mic stands
4 Music stands


2 Hours
$30/hr + HST

3 Hours +
$25/hr + HST

2 Hours (Large Group 6+ Members)
$40/hr + HST

3 Hours + (Large Group 6+ Members)
$35/hr + HST