Jacqui Carter

Jacqui Carter is an Australian country singer who has recently moved to Canada to pursue her music career. She’s spent 6 months in country music’s international capitol, Nashville.

There she met members of Lonestar  (www.lonestarnow.com) and hit it off. Lonestar drummer Keech Rainwater has taken the role as producer for Carter’s debut music release.

The producer-artist duo brought in session bassist Stan Miczek and guitarist Chris Bove to record bed tracks for the first batch of songs. They are working with the studio’s house engineer Steve Kirstein on the project.

Chris, Stan and Keech in Control Room

Keech and Steve




Jacqui is also lead singer in local country band The Smokin’ Pistols. Check them out on Facebook by clicking here!

Keech is based in Nashville and Oakville and is available for session work!

Look out for new music soon from Jacqui Carter!