We had a great session with Oakville’s Haidi Wu, who plays the Guzheng, also known as a Chinese zither, or more commonly the Chinese Harp. Haidi recorded six pieces of mostly Classical Chinese music. The content, sometimes within one piece alone, ranged from somber, cerebral moods to energetic dances, and in between. Recording the instrument, it became evident how intricate and complex the tuning, playing of and the assortment of tones generated are. It is capable of producing rich, deep low tones as chordal foundations and shimmering high notes, often making up the melodies. Different variations of this instrument have been around for 2500 years. Modern Guzhengs such as this one (pictured below) have 21 strings and a movable bridge. Check out the photos and hear the soothing, tranquil sound of the instrument below: