Glen Morris was back in River 16 recently to demonstrate another custom amp designed specifically for the studio.


However, like many other Morris amps, this amp is highly versatile and suitable in any environment. From recording in live rooms to performing at massive arenas to practicing in your bedroom; you’re always able to easily get musical, three-dimensional tone, no matter the volume. Morris Amps are strictly tube amps (never solid state) and are hand-wired point to point (no printed circuit boards!).

Morris River 16 Studio Special Mo-Jo

Morris River 16 Studio Special Mo-Jo

Some Morris players include: Jack Douglas (producer: the Who, John Lennon, Lou Reed), Joe Perry (Aerosmith), Jack Syperek (The Trews), Paulo Neta (Big Wreck), Johnny Depp, James Black (Finger Eleven), Dallas Green & Wade McNeil (Alexisonfire) and many more.

Check out the Morris Amps website for more information:

Come record with a Morris Amp at River 16!