River 16 is Oakville’s community and commercial recording studio. Conveniently located  in the heart of the Greater Toronto Area, it was built to provide a comfortable, state-of-the-art facility for the growing community.

Singer-songwriter Rob Lackie’s desire to build his own recording studio was first realized when he opened a small studio in a shack overlooking the 16-Mile Creek in Oakville. He realized that Oakville was home to many creative people working in the arts industry and wanted to provide a local high-calibre studio to meet the needs of their audio and video projects. Rob’s love for music and a desire to help others reach their full musical potential in a professional environment led to the opening of River 16 Studio in 2009.

The live room is over 700 square feet in size with 14ft vaulted ceilings and a raised, cushioned bamboo floor. All of the studio’s rooms have a warm vintage vibe resonance. Terry Medwedyk, one of Canada’s finest acousticians helped with the layout of the control room.

Services range from pre-production and rehearsals to voiceovers and post-production, with a focus on music and record production. We take pride in anticipating and exceeding clients’ needs with professionalism and discretion.

From beginners to seasoned recording artists, our clients feel at home while recording in the sonically enhancing and aesthetically pleasing live room. Our professionally trained engineers use some of the world’s finest equipment and vintage instruments to capture your sound and deliver the results you need in today’s changing musical landscape.

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