Valley is coming back to River 16 to work on their next project. With members originating from Oakville and Burlington, River 16 feels like home to Valley. After all, Michael Brandolino (vocals, guitar) did a co-op program and later interned at the studio as an assistant engineer. So he was already very familiar with the studio. Karah James (vocals, guitar, drums) had also been in the studio before, as drummer of the High Rendition Jazz Band.

Later, the two worked on some music together at River 16 as Cars & Guitars, at this time already having some highly developed pop sensibility built into their tunes. Valley’s brand of uplifting pop was born when the two halves (well, really 40% and 60%) of the band serendipitously met at River 16.

As the story goes, house engineer Steve Kirstein booked Mike and Karah (then as Cars & Guitars) for a editing/mixing session while he had in Robert Laska Sowinski (then as National Parks) rehearsing in the live room.

Upon introducing Rob to Mike and Karah, there was a spark. Something new started. This something subsequently became the Valley we know and love today. Rob (vocals, guitar) brought his band members, Alex Dimauro (bass, vocals) and Ben Lee (keys, drums), into the mix and the newly formed 5-piece got to work. Since then, they have released their debut ‘Car Test EP’ and have been playing venues across the province.


Look out for new material soon!


‘Man Outta You’ live @ The Horseshoe