Ramsa WR-8428

River 16 recording studio uses the classic WR-8428 Ramsa board. It originally belonged to country musician Terry Sumsion. It is a unique Japanese board from the 1980’s, and we sure do love its classic sound. This is the same board used by the Rolling Stones in the 1980’s, as well as the same board that […]

The Journey of Johnny Orlando

We are proud to see how far Johnny Orlando has come since 2012! From recording cover songs here at River 16 Recording Studio at age 9, getting millions of young followers on social media, and then performing at WeDay 2018. He has also just released a new EP “Teenage Fever” on Island Records and is […]

Host Your Rock’n’roll Birthday Party At River 16

The studio is a great venue to host a broad range of events, including birthday parties! What better place for a musician to get together with their friends? You can even hire a band to entertain for the evening, or do the entertaining yourself, with a professional studio recording of the performance to boot!

For more information, […]

Worship In Steel Recording At River 16

Toronto area church group Worship in Steel was in the studio recently to record 10 songs, mostly live-off-the-floor. They are a 15 piece group who use a variety of steel drums in different tunings. They also incorporate an acoustic drum kit, percussion, brass and vocalists. We had a great time recording them, be sure to […]

River 16 Gift Certificates

Looking for the perfect gift for a musician in the family? Got a friend or loved one who needs to show the world their talent? Give the gift of music that will last forever.

…Presenting River 16 Gift Certificates!

A recording session at River 16 is the gateway to capturing their music professionally. They will have the […]

St. Thomas Orthodox Church Choir At River 16

The voices of the St. Thomas Orthodox Church choir filled the live room Saturday morning. They were paying tribute to their late priest by singing a piece of music written by him. The choir consisted of two sections; nine females and six males.

My Little Pony Ad Spot Recorded At River 16

We had the pleasure at River 16 to record some of the voice actors for a My Little Pony spot through Grey Media, one of the world’s  top advertising and marketing organizations.

My Little Pony is a Hasbro entertainment franchise hailing back to the early 80’s with its first generation of pony figures. A TV show spawned later that decade […]

Jeff Hayward Recording Solo Album At River 16

Songwriter Jeff Hayward has been in the studio recently working on his solo album. Jeff is playing all of the instruments himself including a resonator guitar, electric sitar, mandolin, banjo, harmonica drums and more.

Jeff also plays in the Oakville band Delirium Nelson; they can be found at

Stay tuned for the release!


Douglas James (CNN, CBC, CNBC) In The Studio

It has been a pleasure to work with Douglas James on various audiobooks and voiceover recordings.

Douglas James is an expert in the field of journalism. He was in Berlin when the wall came down. He was in Israel during the Palestinian Intifada. He was in Iraq during the Gulf War.

Douglas was a correspondent for CBC’s The […]

The Marrieds Music Video

Jane Carmichael & Kevin Kennedy of the Marrieds were in shooting a music video for a single from their latest release ‘Fire In The Flame’ with videographer Gary Kuiper from Laundry Design Works. 

Gary has recorded in the studio on several projects as lead guitarist in well-known, high-energy rockabilly outfit The Vanishers. This time around he’s […]